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Families get cooking at Glenroy College

Glenroy College is running after-school cooking classes for families. The popular cooking workshops are held in the College’s food technology kitchen on Mondays after school. In the first few sessions, families learnt to make rice paper rolls

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Over-funding of private schools

This article by Save Our Schools’ Trevor Cobbold was published in May 2022, during the federal election campaign. It outlines how private schools have been massively over-funded at the expense of public schools, and how

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Video as a family engagement tool

Research tells us that effective communication between home and school is a key contributor to successful family engagement. While email and newsletters have been great communication tools, information conveyed in video is more engaging and

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Get Gonski back on track

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Gonski Report, Trevor Cobbold of Save Our Schools gave a speech to the Schools Funding Conference in February 2022. This article is a revised version of the speech.

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