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Who we are

Parents Victoria (PV) is a statewide non-profit organisation that supports and represents parents of students in Victorian government schools.
Parents Victoria provides parents with a voice, presenting an organised parent perspective to State and Federal Governments, educational bureaucracies and institutions, community organisations and the media.


We are not affiliated with any political party. We pursue the broad goal of ensuring that education remains free, compulsory, secular and available to all, whichever party is in power. During the 2022 Victorian state election campaign, we published a
school lunch orderOpens in new tab with a list of improvements and initiatives we’d like to see for education in Victoria. We presented this document to all the major parties with the question, ‘Can you fill our order?”

Advancing parent-school partnerships

This brochure gives a quick overview of Parents Victoria’s core principles, activities and achievements.

It’s a handy summary of information about PV that you can print out or share around online. 

Supporting Parent Clubs

We support school Parent Clubs in their vital work – providing a forum and a voice for parents in their children’s education.  Parent Clubs help to create school communities where parents are engaged and active partners in their children’s schooling;  where teachers and parents work together to create the best possible education for the chidlren. Parent Clubs also support schools in very practical ways, from classroom volunteer support to informational and social events and fundraising. Parents Victoria supports those clubs in practical ways too, with direct support, information and special events. 

National voice

Parents Victoria is the State Affiliate of the Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO).
ACSSO is the national voice of parents and children in Australia’s public schools and their school communities.

Parents Victoria works towards the advancement of education by supporting and representing parent clubs and parents in Victorian Government schools.  This is done in a number of ways:



  • Support for parents requiring advocacy assistance when dealing with issues involving their children’s education.  This may involve providing tools for self-advocacy or facilitating the mediation of the issue between the family and the school and/or the Department of Education
  • Advancing the parent/school partnership – encouraging parent engagement, identifying barriers which may prevent participation and strategies to overcome these barriers
  • Encouraging and supporting parents to volunteer at their child’s school and for schools to recognise and value their volunteers.


  • Lobbying for improvements in school education including school facilities and resources, teacher education and curriculum so that students are able to achieve their potential in a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Contributing to the development of new Government policy, programs and initiatives via consultation and  feedback.


  • Working in partnership with other organisations on common goals
  • Affiliation with the Australian Council of State School Organisations.

Community conversations

Visit to Camelot Rise Primary School.
Parents Victoria Executive Officer Gail McHardy is at far right.


Our Annual Conference is a chance to hear expert speakers,
ask questions and share ideas

Education Department

We meet regularly with the Education Department and participate in forums and consultation sessions.

Campaigns we support

Know Your Country campaign

The campaign is calling for funding for all primary schools to employ locally approved, First Nations Cultural Educators.

Governance, strategy and reporting

Parents Victoria is an Incorporated Association, with a volunteer Board.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Report is presented at our Conference in October/November.


You can read a more detailed description of our priorities, our goals and and how we plan to achieve them in our Strategy document.


Our Constitution was updated in October 2021 to allow for a broader and more inclusive membership.


Parents Victoria was formed in 1925 as the Victorian Federation of Mothers Clubs. We have continued to serve and represent Parent Clubs at Victorian state schools since then, going through 2 further name changes in the process. 
See our history page for more details.

Life Members

Life membership of Parents Victoria may be awarded to:
  • Members who have served on the Board for a minimum of 10 years
  • A person who is considered to have made an exceptional contribution to Parents Victoria.

Here is a list of all Life Memberships that have been awarded. 

Year awarded
Margaret Bode
Elaine Crowle
Alan Davies
Esther Harris (deceased)
Sharron Healy
Dorothy Horbury
Joan Kirner (deceased)
Wendy Mackinlay
Olive McCahon
Leanne McCurdy
Gail McHardy
Janice McKenzie (deceased)
Anne McLeish
Heather Murray (deceased). Heather has also been inducted into the PV Hall of Fame.
Shirley Pinnell
Joan Ryan (deceased)
Beth Sheffield
Viki Sinclair
Marj Smyth
Nicole Sweeney
Jenny Woodfield
Raelene Vine

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