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Know Your Country campaign

Parents Victoria is an ally of the Know Your Country campaign.

The campaign is calling for Federal, State and Territory Education Ministers and Shadow Ministers, by their next election, to commit funding for all primary schools to employ locally approved, First Nations Cultural Educators.

Why the name?

The name “Know Your Country” challenges you to consider: What Country are you on? and; How well do you understand it? More than 250 Countries make up this island continent. People have lived here and cared for this Country for millennia before the first European settlers arrived. We want non-Indigenous people engaging with the campaign to realize that while this land might be their home, nobody owns the land. We all need to learn how to be good custodians of the lands and waters we love by truly connecting to and respecting Country. The best way to start doing this is in school through traditional custodians from an early age by employing a local First Nations Cultural Educator in every primary school across this land.

Public support

A survey in 2022 found significant public support for First Nations language and culture education. The survey found that:

  • Children would rather learn a local First Nations language than the more commonly taught European and Asian languages.
  • Almost three-quarters of parents would like their child to regularly learn from a local First Nations Cultural Educator.
  • A big majority of children enjoy learning about First Nation peoples and cultures – even more (92%) if they learn from a local First Nations Cultural Educator.


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