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Phonics teaching in schools

The debate over phonics teaching (explicit instruction on how to ‘sound out’ words by learning the sounds that letters or combinations of letters stand for) has raged for decades. This article covers recent developments beginning

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Smartphones and mental health

A recent article in the Conversation looks at the link between smartphones and mental health issues in teenagers. The article focuses on a new book by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt titled The Anxious Generation.  According

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Beyond ‘visible’ diversity

The full title of this article on the ABC Education website is, “There are many ways to embrace cultural diversity in schools, but we need to look beyond ‘visible’ diversity”. The article is by Stanley

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The DOGS High Court case

The 1981 High Court case brought by the group Defence of Government Schools (DOGS) tested the validity of State Aid to religious schools against Section 116 of the Australian Constitution. The DOGS argued that state

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The facts about school funding in Victoria

This presentation, titled The facts about school funding in Victoria, was delivered by Trevor Cobbold at our 2023 Conference. The presentation clearly demonstrates structural inequality in our education system, in particular under-funding of public schools in

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