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Research and reading

The Relationship Based Education approach is supported by academic research from all around the world.

We have gathered resources that provide direct evidential support for the approach in one article, while other articles list suggested further reading for schools, parents and children.

Articles on this topic

For schools: further reading

Resources for teachers and school leaders – online articles and books covering a wide range of topics related to RbE: kindness, trust, gratitude, forgiveness and positive education.

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For parents: further reading

Do kids really ‘misbehave’ for attention? What’s the difference between appreciation and praise, and why does it matter? These and many other topics, specifically for parents.

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Books for children

…and let’s not forget the kids themselves! What is ‘mindfulness’? How does kindness make us strong? What is the ‘golden rule’?

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Baby Photos

How about running a ‘baby photos of the staff’ competition for your school?  Entry can be a gold coin and the baby photos of the

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