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Quick and easy fundraisers

Our friend Mandy at Fundraising Directory has put together a list of quick and easy fundraisers that you can get underway without too much fuss:

  • 5 cent Challenge – Very easy to set up with very little outlay and a nice easy way to kick off the year. More details on Mandy’s website.
  • Guessing games – Games like ‘how many lollies in the jar’ (variations on the lollies could be legos, marbles, chocolate eggs for Easter) or ‘guess the weight’. Charge $1 per guess and the winner takes home the jar and contents.
  • Photo competition – Ask students to submit a photograph that they have taken themselves and maybe have a guest judge (a local photographer perhaps) choose winners for different categories. Charge per entry and winner could receive something as simple as a voucher or certificate or a photography lesson with a professional.
  • Best seat in the house raffle – Purchase a couple of tickets to a popular concert, sporting event, or musical and raffle them. Popular events could net you a sweet profit, especially if you can find a sponsor to donate the tickets.
  • Envelope fundraiser – Small outlay for potentially large returns. Click here to get all the info on this one.
  • But wait there’s more! – Mandy has more ideas if you click through to the full article.

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