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Family Engagement

In this section of the website we have gathered lots of resources to help teachers and school leaders make effective family engagement a reality:

Articles on this topic

Shedding light on engaging families

This 2-page flyer is a brief introduction to the key concepts of family engagement. It’s a useful conversation starter as it succinctly addresses three questions: Why family engagement? How? What does it look like? This

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Systematic family engagement

Why a systematic approach is needed Dr Debbie Pushor on why family engagement needs to be co-ordinated and systematic, rather than random and disconnected. How it works in practice The story of how a disadvantaged

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Family engagement podcast

This podcast from the Raising Children website focuses on “being active in your school community”. The guest is PV Executive Officer Gail McHardy. Gail talks through the issues with host Prof. Julie Green: the benefits

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The value of parent knowledge

In this podcast published by the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, Dr Debbie Pushor from the University of Saskatchewan talks with Angela Scaffidi about the barriers to genuine engagement between schools and parents, and the

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