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Debbie Pushor: family engagement advocate

Parents Victoria has had a long association with Canadian academic Dr Debbie Pushor.

Debbie has worked as a public school teacher, consultant, principal, senior administrator, and now as a researcher and teacher educator.
She is currently a Professor in the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Debbie has also experienced the education system from a parent’s point of view, being the mother of 3 adult sons. Debbie visited Australia in 2018 and spoke at our Annual Conference (see below).


These videos were made when Debbie visited Australia in 2018 (and spoke at the Parents Victoria Conference). They’re a great introduction to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of successful family engagement in schools, Debbie has a great talent for taking her decades of academic study on the topic and turning it into brief, clear and heartfelt presentations. Each video is only a few minutes long.

Introducing Dr Debbie Pushor and Family Engagement

Family engagement is so important!

Key priorities to accomplish successful family engagement

Tapping into funds of knowledge – working together

For School Leaders – the benefits and why it matters

Family Engagement Officers in schools

Debbie’s website

You can learn more about Debbie Pushor’s work on her website.

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