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What stratagies can be used to make family engagement really work?

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Video as a family engagement tool

Research tells us that effective communication between home and school is a key contributor to successful family engagement. While email and newsletters have been great communication tools, information conveyed in video is more engaging and

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The Parent-School relationship

“There are a lot of pieces that make up our school system…but there’s one piece missing: The Parent-School relationship. Your Government can put it in place.” Following our 2018 Conference and Dr Debbie Pushor’s visit to

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Home Visits: US program now in Canada

Canadian family engagement expert Dr Debbie Pushor (University of Saskatchewan) is trialling a program of Parent Teacher Home Visits in Canada, modelled on a successful program that has been running in the USA since 1998. Home visits

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Alumni programs in schools

What is an alumni program? “Alumni” simply means former students of your school. Alumni programs, where schools keep up a connection with alumni and invite them back to the school to connect with current students,

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Family Engagement and Teacher Practice

This webinar gives details of a teacher in-service program that was run in a cluster of schools in Greater Dandenong (Melbourne). Family Engagement Leader Sue Brown says that conventional teacher training does little to prepare

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Parent Engagement Implementation Guide

This resource from the Australian Research Alliance on Children and Youth (ARACY) provides school communities with practical guidance on implementing successful parent and family engagement practices. It  focuses on the ‘how’ rather than just the

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For teacher educators

This series of videos was made specifically for teacher educators. Dr Debbie Pushor from the University of Seskatchewan speaks to teacher educators at Monash University, drawing on her decades of experience as a teacher, consultant, principal,

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Baby Photos

How about running a ‘baby photos of the staff’ competition for your school?  Entry can be a gold coin and the baby photos of the

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Fundraising soaps

Looking for an alternative to lolly fundraisers? Ecostore offers “Good Soap for a Good Cause” – a convenient fundraiser with plant-based soaps instead of sweets.

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