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Looking after the club finances can be challenging if you don’t have any experience in the relevant procedures. Here’s some advice for Club treasurers.

A good place to start is the Finances overview.

The Finance Report

Parent Club Treasurers should discuss and make a regular arrangement with the school Business Manager, to reconcile the Treasurer’s Finance Report with that of CASES21,

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Maintaining records

All receipts and payments should be recorded in a cash book. You can either do this manually or on a computer spreadsheet. Treasurers proficient in

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Receipting and payments

All clubs are now required to hold their funds in the school’s financial management system, CASES21. Clubs will need to adopt procedures for handling money received

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There is no requirement for a Parent Club to fundraise. However, most clubs will undertake at least some fundraising as part of their role. As

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Finances overview

Sound financial management for parent clubs means that all financial transactions are properly recorded and effectively controlled. The treasurer is responsible for the financial management

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