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Raffles and gaming fundraisers

Raffles and other gaming activities such as lucky envelopes and casino-style games are a popular way for non-profit organisations to raise funds.

Parent Clubs cannot legally conduct raffles or gaming activities, but schools can.

This is because any organisation that runs a raffle or gaming activity must be registered with the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC). A requirement for registration is that the organisation must have a bank account, which Parent Clubs are not permitted to do under Education Department regulations.

Raffles and gaming activities can still go ahead, but they must be run under the school’s name, not the club’s, and must have written approval from the School Council – see below.

The VGCCC has produced a handy flow-chart to help you with planning fundraising activities – you can download if from the VGCCC website.


Your school may already be registered with the VGCCC – you can check online.
If the school is not registered, you’ll need to speak with your School Business Manager about the school registering.
See the VGCCC website for information on how to register.
The application needs to be made at least 28 days before the proposed raffle or gaming activity.

School Council approval

You must have written approval from the school to conduct a raffle or gaming activity in the school’s name. Since the raffle or gaming activity (like any other fundraiser) needs to be approved in advance by School Council anyway, it should have the official school ‘stamp of approval’ in writing – in the School Council minutes.  Make sure also that the School Council understands that this is a school activity, not a Parent Club activity, even though Parent Club volunteers may be doing most of the work. All tickets and promotional material should carry the school’s name and logo rather than the club’s.

Raffle permits and conditions

  • Once registered, your school can run raffles without a permit, so long as the total retail value of prizes does not exceed $20,000.
  • For larger raffles, the school needs a permit which can be obtained online from the VGCCC.
  • Cash prizes are not permitted, unless they are travel-related (see FAQs). Gift cards from a specific retailer are permitted.
  • Reverse raffles are not permitted. The first prize must go to the first ticket drawn.
  • See the VGCCC website for detailed rules and conditions and frequently asked questions about raffles

Other gaming activities

Gaming fundraisers such as lucky envelopes, bingo and casino-style games are also subject to conditions and requirements by the VGCCC.

  • Lucky envelopes and casino games require a minor gaming permit.
  • Bingo requires its own special notification form.

See the “Gaming activity guidelines” section on the VGCCC Community and Charitable Gaming web page.