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Education Department and beyond

On this page we have listed various resources on the Education Department website and other organisations that may be useful.

For Parent Club matters

If you need to contact the Education Department on a Parent Club matter, direct your enquiry to the School Operations and Governance Unit.


Call the main Education Department number – 03 9637 2000 – and ask for the School Operations and Governance Unit.


 Education Department: policy and general information

  • Department of Education (DE) website is a comprehensive online resource providing information relating to pre-school and school, through to university and TAFE.
  • The Policy and Advisory Library provides quick and easy access to governance and operational policies and advice. It complements the Department’s extensive web resources and directs users to relevant web content and supplementary information.
  • Department Structure – Organisational structure, groups, advisory councils, regions, authorities and committees.
  • Regional Offices – The Department has four regional offices across Victoria. The offices are: South Western Victoria Region, North Western Victoria Region, North Eastern Victoria Region  and South Eastern Victoria  Region.
  • Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) – The FISO is an evidence-based framework designed to focus schools’ improvement efforts on priorities proven to have the greatest impact on student outcomes.

For parents

  • For parents of school age children – Guidance for parents on student enrolment, zoning, school costs, uniforms, leaving school early and getting involved with your child’s learning.
  • Find my school provides location and contact details for maternal and child health centres, kindergartens and government schools in Victoria. You can search by service name, suburb, or post code.  The information is available for all users: students; parents and teachers alike.
  • TAFE, training and universities – Find a training course, become an apprentice or trainee and find out if you are eligible for Free TAFE for priority jobs.

Other useful links

Victorian education authorities

Victorian Parliament

  • Victorian Legislation – Educational Acts, Reform Bill and other related legislation and parliamentary document
  • Hansard – the official published reports of debates in Parliament


  • Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) is the peak national organisation representing the interests of parents, families and school communities of more than two million children attending government schools throughout Australia.
  • My School – Australian Curriculum Assessment Reporting Authority (ACARA)  enables users to search the profiles of almost 9,500 Australian schools. You can quickly ocate statistical and performance information about schools in your community and compare them with statistically similar schools across the country.

We encourage our members to advise us of any other helpful & useful resource links to support other parents.