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Maintaining records

All receipts and payments should be recorded in a cash book. You can either do this manually or on a computer spreadsheet. Treasurers proficient in bookkeeping may also choose to use a commercial software package e.g. MYOB but it is probably not necessary for the amount of transactions most parent clubs make.


  • This section records all money received. For each amount you should record:
  • The date, the source, receipt no. and the amount
  • Columns are drawn up with the types of income expected
  • The amount is recorded in the appropriate column to assist in the preparation of reports


Date Details Receipt No. Interest Uniforms Lunches Fund-raising Total
1 Aug Interest BS 0.30 0.30
3 Aug Trivia Night 46.00 46.00
3 Aug M. Smith 23.00 23.00


This section records all money paid out.
For each transaction record: the date, the recipient, cheque no. or transaction number and amount.


Date Details Cheque No. Bank Fees Uniforms Lunches Fund-raising School Total
2 Aug Office supplies (printing) 72.00 72.00
3 Aug Black PS 500.00 500.00
10 Aug My Catering 117.00 117.00