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Love them or hate them, meetings are an important part of running your club. Learn to get the best out of your precious time at meetings with the practical advice in this section.

A good place to start is the meetings overview.


Different parents will join the Parent Club for different reasons. Some may be interested in organising social events and fundraisers, others in discussing current issues,

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Meeting techniques

Brainstorming Brainstorming is used to expand the thinking of the group by putting as many solutions as possible before the group in a limited time

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Online meetings

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a massive increase in online communications, replacing face-to-face meetings and events. Whether it’s a multinational corporation or your Parent Club,

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Evaluating meetings

Evaluation has an important part to play in ensuring that meetings are effective and meet the needs of those attending. Collecting data on the perceptions

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Minutes are the formal record of decisions the committee makes. It may be vitally important that committee decisions are accurately recorded. If there is doubt

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