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The Finance Report

Parent Club Treasurers should discuss and make a regular arrangement with the school Business Manager, to reconcile the Treasurer’s Finance Report with that of CASES21, in readiness for each regular General Meeting of the club. This is to ensure the club and the school each have understanding and agreement on the monthly income, spending and balance of Parent Club funds within CASES21.
PV recommends Club Treasurers make time to meet with the school Business Manager to establish a process that works.

Here’s the Treasurer’s monthly procedure for reporting to the club:

  • At the end of the month total the income and expenditure.
  • Prepare the report.
  • Reconcile with the CASES21 transaction report
  • Present the report to the General Meeting

Sample report

We have prepared a sample financial report to help Treasurers.

Education Department advice

This advice is from the Education Department’s Parent Clubs Frequently  Asked Finance Questions document

The Department considers it best practice that principals and Business Managers work closely with parent clubs and provide the club with a copy of the club’s sub-program CASES21 Variance Report and Transaction Report (usually once per month). It is recommended that the parent club meet with the principal and/or Business Manager to discuss timelines which work for both the school and parent club.
Making these Reports available promotes good governance and sound financial reporting practices, particularly regarding transparency and accountability of how funds are expended.