Parents Voice in Government School Education

‘On the Couch’ Q&A session – Conference 2022

Our panellists answered questions from Conference participants. Note: sorry, this video skips the first few minutes of the Q&A. Ross Mortimer asked the first question: “A lot of what has been spoken about today reminds me of teachings of Confucius (regarded as one of the first public educators). We talk about relationships, integrity, compassion, wisdom […]

Ocean Grove Primary School – Conference 2022

Ocean Grove Primary School has been working with John Hendry to implement the principles of Relationship based Education at the school. Scott McCumber (Principal) and Andy McNeilly (Mental Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator) tell the school’s story and how RbE worked for their school, and parent Alex Fisher gives his view on RbE. If you don’t […]

Prahran High School – Conference 2022

Relationship based Education has been an important part of Prahran High School since it opened in 2019. Principal Nathan Chisholm and Assistant Principal Shannan Roberts explain how RbE works at their school. Parent Larissa Raymond gives her perspective on the benefits of RbE. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, here is […]

Kristin Reimer – Conference 2022

In this video, Kristin Riemer PhD from Monash University discusses the philosophical principles behind RbE, and case studies and research evidence to show the effectiveness of this approach – the ‘Why’ of our ‘What, Why, How’ of RbE.

John Hendry – Conference 2022

In this video, John Hendry OAM gives us an introduction to Relationship based Education. This is the ‘What’ of our ‘What, Why and How’ of RbE. John refers to a YouTube video about the Harvard longitudinal study on health and happiness – view the video on YouTube.