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Prahran High School – Conference 2022

Relationship based Education has been an important part of Prahran High School since it opened in 2019. Principal Nathan Chisholm and Assistant Principal Shannan Roberts explain how RbE works at their school. Parent Larissa Raymond gives her perspective on the benefits of RbE.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, here is a guide to the topics discussed, with time-points for each topic:

1:00 – Nathan Chisholm draws on his extensive experience as a Principal to highlight the fundamental importance of relationships in education.

4:30 – Nathan describes the founding of Prahran High School, where quality relationships were a basic principle right from the start.

6:00 – Shannan Roberts explains the school’s Model for a Positive Climate for Learning.

11:40 – Shannan describes how RbE has been helpful in understanding and building relationships as a teacher. She explains the school’s Connecting Us framework for quality relationships.

14:45 – Nathan and Shannan describe the school’s use of ‘green notes’ – positive reinforcement for positive actions such as being responsible, being kind, being an active learner.

16:35 – Larissa Raymond (parent at the school) describes how the school’s focus on relationships and a ‘kindness culture’ has benefitted her child’s development and education.

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