Parents Voice in Government School Education

‘On the Couch’ Q&A session – Conference 2022

Our panellists answered questions from Conference participants.
Note: sorry, this video skips the first few minutes of the Q&A. Ross Mortimer asked the first question:

“A lot of what has been spoken about today reminds me of teachings of Confucius (regarded as one of the first public educators). We talk about relationships, integrity, compassion, wisdom etc about how to live well and create a world where we all live well, yet very little of this is taught at schools. Lao Zi, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad all had wisdom about life, its meaning and what leads to a meaningful and purposeful life, yet these teachings are never explored, except perhaps in a religious school setting (and even then maybe not done well!) Would love to hear the presenters thoughts on this.”

The video starts with Shannan Roberts’ response.

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