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Gingerbread house fundraiser

Decorating gingerbread houses is a community-builder as well as a fundraiser. You can create a contactless online fundraiser, a sales drive or a get-together.

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“Schoolyard Stories” fundraiser

Our friend Mandy the Fundraising Whisperer has highlighted this interesting fundraiser in her recent newsletter. “Schoolyard Stories” gives you the opportunity to compile a book and then sell copies as a fundraiser. The books could be: Storybooks written and illustrated by children Cookbooks with favourite recipes from your school community Yearbooks Photo books The possibilities

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Covid-friendly Fundraising

Many Parent Clubs will be asking, “How can we fundraise in this time of reduced incomes and constantly changing Covid restrictions?” Our friend Mandy the Fundraising Whisperer has some answers. She has published a list of ‘Covid-friendly’ fundraisers that she says will still work in these difficult times. Tea-towels, books, gifts with kids’ artwork on them…

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Fundraising soaps

Looking for an alternative to lolly fundraisers? Ecostore offers “Good Soap for a Good Cause” – a convenient fundraiser with plant-based soaps instead of sweets. Good Soap for a Good Cause uses their popular bar soaps and works exactly like your traditional candy fundraiser. Each soap sells for $2.50 and you raise $1 for every

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Baby Photos

How about running a ‘baby photos of the staff’ competition for your school?  Entry can be a gold coin and the baby photos of the staff are put up on a big board.  Students fill in an entry form to see who wins. A great way to bring the students and teachers together, while also

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Car Boot Sale as a fundraiser

 A Car Boot Sale can be a fun way to raise some money. Thanks to Mandy from Fundraising Directory for these tips: Make certain you have relevant permits – if you’re planning to hold the car boot sale outside the school grounds, check with  your council. Charge a fixed amount per car and let your families

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