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VET Delivered: public consultation

The Department of Education and Training is seeking feedback from all stakeholders on a draft set of VET certificates and opportunities to improve access to VET Delivered to School Students. There’s a Discussion Paper and an online questionnaire inviting your responses and comments. The consultation period closes on Friday 5 November. Read more on Engage

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Scholarships for Victorian students

There’s a range of scholarships available for eligible Victorian students from Grade 4 to Year 12. Applications are now open for 2022. Scholarships are payments to help you with the cost of your child’s education. They are provided by various government and non-government organisations. They’re generally offered based on: financial need or difficulties your child’s

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School levies are voluntary

As reported recently in the Age, Education Department guidelines for schools have been ‘refreshed’ to give schools and families clarity and transparency about payments. Schools can continue to seek voluntary financial contributions towards classroom materials, educational programs and operating expenses, and invite parents to buy educational items on a user-pays basis. But the guidelines make

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