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Role of schools in shaping a more peaceful world

This article in the Educator was published on the United Nations’ International Day of Peace (21 September) 2023.

The article focuses on the “unrecognised potential of schools” to promote peace:

As the places that help to shape the minds of our future generations, schools have a uniquely powerful role to play in making sure they cultivate respectful relationships with their peers, irrespective of their race, culture, background or creed.

Indeed, it is these meaningful connections that form the basis for how young people will approach their interactions and relationships with others when they leave school, become adults and blaze their own trails in the world.

Among other educational thinkers, the article quotes RbE founder John Hendry:

Pointing out that every aspect of life is relational, Hendry said schools play a pivotal role in enabling all people to develop the capacity to understand and establish quality relationships.

“Peace within each rational matrix ensures not only better health and wellbeing but it advances each person’s capacity to contribute and perform at their best in all activities and circumstances they experience.”

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