Parents Voice in Government School Education

For teacher educators

This series of videos was made specifically for teacher educators.

Dr Debbie Pushor from the University of Seskatchewan speaks to teacher educators at Monash University, drawing on her decades of experience as a teacher, consultant, principal, senior administrator, researcher, teacher educator and parent.

Part 1: Examining assumptions

Examining teachers’ assumptions about parents and schooling, and how those assumptions flow through into the way schools manage their relationships with parents. Questioning a hierarchical view of the teacher/parent relationship.

Part 2: Changing the relationship

New possibilities for positioning the parent/teacher relationship. Making a conscious effort to create a ‘curriculum of parents’.

Part 3: Sustaining the relationship

A sustained approach to authentic and meaningful relationships with parents.  “A one-shot in-service isn’t going to do it.” Both theory and practical experience are required.

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