Parents Voice in Government School Education

Endorsement: Nathan Chisholm

(Principal, Prahran High School)

I have had the privilege of being close to John Hendry’s work for many years, as I’ve sought to develop positive, kind and caring cultures in the school communities that I’ve led. His leadership, counsel and wisdom have deeply impacted me and my work, and as a result my students and schools. His leadership has resonated locally, nationally and globally. I am the Foundation Principal of a new Victorian State secondary school. We have the opportunity and responsibility to develop a high-performance culture of positive and kindness, which nurtures partnership and relationships at all levels. I have asked John to offer guidance to me, and us, as we do this work. He believes passionately in the need to work with all members of the school community: students, staff and families. He continues to prove that to focus on one without the others, limits our impact. I’m grateful to have John alongside, as my colleagues and I seek to develop two amazing new inner-city schools for our communities. 

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