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Your teen’s mental wellbeing

Being a parent or guardian of a teenager has its challenges. The teenage years are a period of rapid emotional and social development, and with this can come highs and lows.

This is why researchers from Monash University and Prevention United are offering FREE access to the Partners in Parenting (PiP+) program. PiP+ is an award-winning, evidence-based online parenting program designed to empower parents to make sense of adolescence and raise their teenager with confidence.

PiP+ includes features such as:

  • A new module providing expert-endorsed information about parenting through the pandemic
  • An online community with other parents of teens
  • Personalised feedback about parenting, and the mental wellbeing of the parent and teenager
  • 10 user friendly interactive online modules (15-25mins each) tailored for parents to do in their own time
  • Be part of a world leading research project

PiP+ is aimed at parents or guardians of a teenager between the ages of 12-17 years. Parents can find out more, or register at the PiP website (click the button below).

Otherwise, please email: or call 0492 476 075.

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