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Channel Nine News

A report on Channel Nine News yesterday focused on the issue of students vaping at school.

According to the report, some Victorian schools are installing vape detectors in toilets to address the problem.

The Education Department has a comprehensive policy, guidance and resources in its Policy and Advisory Library.

When approached for comment by media outlets, PV Chief Executive Officer Gail McHardy said:

Parents Victoria (PV) urges all schools with their parents and students to work together on student vaping prevention in support of each other, as many would probably be unaware of the health implications and or existing penalties that can be applied if their child is caught on school premises.

PV feels for both schools and parents as they try their best to manage these challenges, but they can’t combat vaping in complete isolation.
Supply seems to be a major contributing factor that needs urgent attention.

Let’s not underestimate the power of student voice on vaping, as we all know youth turned their backs on smoking. They could do the same with vaping!

View the Channel Nine report


Gail’s comments were quoted in part, in an article in today’s Herald-Sun (available to subscribers only). The article focuses on Footscray High School, where some parents have claimed that the toilets are monopolised by students using them to vape, making them unavailable to other students. These claims are denied by the school.

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