Parents Voice in Government School Education

Winding up a club

Dissolution of a Parent Club

The Education and Training Reform Regulations   (Regulation 55) state:

(1) A parents’ club of a Government school may not be dissolved unless:

(a) all reasonable steps have been taken to circulate a notice of dissolution generally throughout the school community; and

(b) a meeting to discuss the notice of dissolution is held not less than 14 days after the circulation of that notice; and

(c) at least two-thirds of those present at that meeting agree to the dissolution.

(2) If a decision is made to dissolve a parents’ club under regulation 55—
(a) the control of all property and other assets must be transferred to the school council; and
(b) a person present at the meeting must report the dissolution in writing to the school council as soon as practicable.
As soon as practicable after the completion of the actions required by subregulation (1), the school council must report the completion of the dissolution procedure under subregulation (1) to
the Minister.

For more information see the Policy and Advisory Library and the  Education and Training Reform Regulations  2017 .