Parents Voice in Government School Education

The Parent Club as a forum

Parents can use the Parent Club as a forum for issues their children have raised with them – anything from boring playground equipment to too much homework. Children should also be encouraged to use their own forums. However:

  • Beware of issues of a very personal or embarrassing nature, particularly if raised without the permission of the person concerned.
  • Beware of issues relating to grievances against teachers or other staff members – these should be discussed first with the person concerned then with the Principal. If still not satisfied, a number of options exist. If the grievance is shared by a large number of parents it could be raised at Parent Club and/or School Council. If it’s a grievance of only a few parents, they should try to work together, firstly pursuing the matter as a group with the Principal. If not satisfied contact the Regional Director in your Region. If taking this step, parents must be prepared to put their complaints in writing. Verbal complaints will not result in action being taken against the person/s concerned.

Parents Victoria is happy to discuss complaints with parents and offer further suggestions or advice where relevant. Please contact our office for assistance. (All such discussions will be confidential.)