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Teacher shortage – PV media comment

The Herald-Sun reports today on the serious impact of teacher shortages in Victorian schools, focusing on the situation at Shepparton College, where student reporting has been disrupted by inconsistent staffing. According to the article:

Teacher shortages are so dire that educators are unable to complete student reports, leaving parents in the dark about their children’s progress.
Families at one Victorian secondary college have been told their recent reports are incomplete and do not reflect student achievements because of a lack of consistent teachers.
The Herald Sun has seen a list of more than 10 teaching staff at the trouble-plagued Greater Shepparton Secondary College that are unable to complete student reports.
There are also dozens of Victorian schools still experiencing teacher shortages, with principals saying the situation was almost at “breaking point”.
More than 800 positions at public schools across the state are being advertised amid the staffing crisis.

Parents Victoria CEO Gail McHardy is quoted in the article. Gail’s comments, as supplied to the Herald-Sun were:

Parents Victoria is aware that sometimes teachers are absent due to unavoidable circumstances that can disrupt student reporting in some instances, but most schools would provide an explanation and the parents/carers usually reasonably accept or understand under the circumstances (i.e. illness,injury or unexpected personal/ family leave).
With the ongoing school workforce shortages in Australia, it isn’t a shock or surprise that some class reporting could be disrupted. It’s certainly not ideal, but it’s a likely consequence of the teacher shortages.

We’d also like to add a bit of balance to the negative press about Shepparton College – see this video from Adam Voigt, CEO of education consultancy Real Schools, for a different view!

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