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Teacher industrial action: PV media comment

The Herald-Sun has reported that Victorian teachers may walk off the job if their demands for better pay and reduced workloads aren’t met.

According to the article, “The Australian Education Union will start the first phase of their industrial action from Monday with a partial ban on answering Department of Education emails and attending meetings. AEU Victorian Branch president Meredith Peace said strike action “could occur” this year.”

PV Executive Officer Gail McHardy is quoted in the article.

Gail said, “There are no winners when negotiations break down between parties and this should have been settled earlier, the timing is completely off.

“Parents Victoria (PV) have expressed previously our support for public school teachers to be paid in accordance with their national peers especially if you want to attract people to the profession,” she said.

“PV understands Victorian school communities are frustrated and fatigued by the Covid disruptions and it’s essential to maintain healthy relationships between families and schools while the workforce sort their employment grievances with their employer.”

Read the Herald-Sun article (subscription only)

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