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School funding: PV media comment

Parents Victoria Executive Officer Gail McHardy is quoted in an article from yesterday’s Age about school funding. Gail responds to Federal Education MInister Alan Tudge’s recent comments rejecting the link between increased school funding and better student performance.

Gail said that public schools continued to be underfunded in comparison with non-government schools that receive significant federal funding.

“We’re dealing with the most disadvantaged, and yet we’re still behind the eight ball,” she said. “Maybe in his head it’s settled but it’s certainly not for others, because the inequity continues to be observed in the public school sector and how can that be fair?”

In its Strategy document, Parents Victoria has this to say about school funding:

We advocate for fair, simple and transparent funding of State Schools because the current funding model does not provide adequately for our most vulnerable students. We believe this must change; that resources to address inequity need to be allocated as a priority.

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