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Religious knives in schools: PV media comment

The Herald-Sun published an article yesterday stating that, A loophole in Victorian law is allowing certain students to bring knives to school, despite the type being used in a recent NSW school stabbing.”  The article refers to the kirpan, a knife that initiated Sikhs are required to carry at all times by their religion. The issue has become controversial since a student was allegedly stabbed with a kirpan in NSW recently.

PV’s Executive Officer Gail McHardy was interviewed for the article. Gail said, “Victoria should “take heed of the NSW experience and review its legislation and advice to schools. Even with rules, regulations and required communications, this will not mitigate every potential risk if we allow for exemptions, (like) wearing a kirpan. It may not be the student (person) who the kirpan belongs to that causes the harm but access by others remains a possibility.”

The Herald-Sun article is behind a paywall but you can read it if you have a subscription.

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