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Parent/teacher conflicts – PV media comment

The Age reports today that “Dealing with badly behaved parents with ever-increasing demands is what teachers and school leaders dislike most about their jobs.”

According to the article, “A new survey has found that for 47 per cent of teachers, dealing with parents is the least satisfying part of their job.”

The survey of teachers at private schools found that, “parents had caused harm to teacher mental health and wellbeing and become increasingly demanding.”

Parents Victoria CEO Gail McHardy is quoted in the article, as follows:

Gail McHardy, chief executive of Parents Victoria, which works with Victorian government schools and parents, said it was critical that there was a strong “narrative about what schools and families are having to deal with in regards to fractured relationships, what’s realistic and constructive when incidents and conflict occurs”.

She said these difficult discussions often happened after an incident and not before.

“This is where building respectful relationships with students and their families is crucial, the first step to enable cultural change in schools, everyone has a responsibility,” she said.

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