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Over-funded private schools

We’ve reported many times on the resource disparity between public and private schools – underfunded public schools and overfunded private schools.

This is not just a problem in Victoria, it’s nationwide – an article in the Age today focuses on a group of overfunded private schools in Perth.

According to the article, “West Australian private schools, including one of the country’s richest, will be over-funded by millions of dollars over the next five years, a new report from Australia’s leading education union has revealed.”

The report is written by economist and school-funding expert Adam Rorris and published by the Australian Education Union. It reveals that public schools will be under-funded by over $6 billion a year between 2023 and 2028, totalling nearly $39 billion over six years, whilst private schools will remain overfunded by nearly $3 billion, unless Commonwealth and State Governments ensure that new funding agreements fix these funding shortfalls.

Read the Age article      Download the full report by Adam Rorris

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