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New maths curriculum: PV media comment

The Age reported yesterday on problems with the introduction of a new maths curriculum for Year P-10 students at Victorian schools.

According to the article:

Parents could be faced with extra pupil-free days and students are at risk of missing crucial lessons as teachers struggle to get across a new maths curriculum ahead of the Victorian government’s 2024 deadline.
Teachers say they’re being given fewer than six months to adapt foundation to year 10 classes to the new curriculum, which they are still waiting to see almost a week after its promised release in term three.

Parents Victoria CEO Gail McHardy is quoted in the article, as follows:

Parents Victoria chief executive Gail McHardy said she would support a delay for the curriculum to allow teachers to complete the required professional learning, but she said adequate notice would need to be given for student-free days to reduce the impact on parents.

Read the full article in the Age

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