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Joan Kirner Award winner: Danielle Bell

Congratulations to Danielle Bell, President of Croydon Hills Association of Parents (CHAPS) nominated by Croydon Hills Primary School principal, Christian Holdsworth.
Danielle was working the day of the conference so Christian, School Council President Sian Jamison and CHAPS member Nikky Edwards assisted PV in presenting Danielle with her award on Friday afternoon, 6th October in order to have her photo to share at Conference when the winner was publicly announced.

Here’s what principal Christian Holdsworth said in his nomination:

The Croydon Hills Association of Parents (CHAPS) has, over many years, been an integral part of the fabric that binds our school community together.  From fundraising that has provided enormous benefit and advantage to student learning through enhanced facilities and resources, to fun and affirming student activities and engaging social events for both adults and children, CHAPS has provided a vibrant focus for parents and carers across all facets of primary school life.

Danelle Bell’s association with Croydon Hills Primary School began in 2014.

Since she first joined our school community, Danielle has been a tireless champion of all things CHPS, supporting her children, the broader student body and the entire school community in a range of roles, particularly within CHAPS… Danielle Bell is most definitely one of the unsung community heroes of Croydon Hills Primary School. What better way to sing her praises than by nominating her for this year’s Joan Kirner Award.” 

(Photo, from left: Nikky Edwards, Christian Holdsworth, Danielle Bell, Gail McHardy)

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