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Parents Victoria advocates for a safe learning environment for all students. We recognise the devastating impact bullying can have on children. We believe all schools need adequate resources to combat bullying, including a bullying policy and procedures, training for staff in how to deal with bullying, and a partnership approach with parents.

The Victorian Education Department’s anti-bullying program is called Bully Stoppers. This program supports teachers, principals, parents and students in working together to help put a stop to bullying.

Anti-bullying resources

Report – the cost of bullying

We know that bullying can have a devastating impact on individuals. But there are also long-term consequences for us all, through reduced economic potential, negative health outcomes and social consequences.
To measure these consequences, the Alannah and Madeline Foundation engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers  (with funding from the Victorian Education Department), to conduct an economic impact analysis of the cost of bullying in Australian schools, and Victorian schools specifically. The objective of report was to identify and quantify, to the extent possible, the breadth of the impacts of bullying across student and adult life.

The full report is available at the National Centre Against Bullying website.

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