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Supporting complex learners through family engagement

This case study from Clarke Road School in NSW documents a project run by Schools Plus in partnership with AERO. The project summary reads:

As part of a cluster of 7 New South Wales schools, we have worked together to support complex learning needs of our students through effective family engagement. We found success through developing partnerships with families and community members designed to improve learning outcomes for all students. In this case study, we focus particularly on how families were engaged through implementation of our learning and assessment framework, the ‘Passport for Learning’.

The case study details the way families were engaged systematically and deeply in their children’s learning, covering topics such as:

  • Recognising and supporting family engagement in learning at home
  • Supporting two-way, positive communication and providing light touch updates about learning
  • Collaboratively planning and problem-solving with families

The success of this project underlines the value of strong family engagement in all children’s education.

Read more on Schools Plus website

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