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Strengthening parent engagement to improve student outcomes

This ‘Spotlight’ article from the Australian Institute for Teacher and School Leadership (AITSL) summarises research on the impact of different types of engagement, and points to resources to assist teachers and leaders to constructively engage with parents.

As the article points out, decades of research has shown that when parents engage in their child’s learning, both at home and at school, student achievement and wellbeing are increased. Schools that prioritise parental engagement can form a positive, collaborative culture that values input from both parents and teachers, and ultimately benefits students.

Among the messages this article draws from educational research are the following:

  • Schools and other education and care settings can support teachers in their engagement with parents by implementing procedures and guidelines for collaborating and communicating effectively with parents.
  • Teachers and school leaders can assist parents with developing actions and attitudes that progressively become more centred on their children’s learning. In-school activities may represent the first steps towards getting parents engaged with learning.
  • Consistent and genuine communication with parents, particularly small moments of connection, can help to build mutually beneficial partnerships between parents and teachers.

AITSL has surveyed the research so you don’t have to, and presented the results in a clear and easily readable format. You can read the article online or download as a PDF.

Read/download the AITSL article

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