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School Zoning: PV Position Statement

Here are some excerpts from our Position Statement, published on 15 August 2023:

Parents Victoria believes that every Victorian child has the right to attend their neighbourhood school while maintaining the right of appeal to change schools if, after discussion and consultation at the current school, the desired educational outcomes cannot be achieved.

Department policy and process must be fair and reasonable for all students and this must be done in co-operation with parents and schools.

Generally, PV supports catchment zones for government schools. However, in special cases some students need to enrol elsewhere due to individual/family circumstances.

The Education Department has a Placement Policy for that reason, to permit those children who are granted approval to attend other than their neighbourhood school.
PV acknowledges that some schools are at capacity…

Should zoning be abolished?

PV notes that there have been calls for the system of school zoning to be abolished. We do not support this call, unless there was a guarantee that no government school would be at risk of closing or amalgamation.

PV has always advocated that governments have to plan for the future and maintain Victorian government schools to enable choice…

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