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School can’t – what works?

This article on the ABC Everyday website focuses on Rebecca Plunkett¬† from Travancore School and her experience in helping students with school can’t – or as she prefers to call it, “School avoidance”.

Rebecca worked on Travancore’s In2School program – an intervention program delivered in partnership with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and the Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health.

Rebecca discussed the early warning signs of school avoidance and how In2School brings together families, mental health clinicians and specialised teachers to help kids return to their enrolled school. She says, “There is a misconception that there is more parents should be doing. When you get to the point of school refusal, parents have already tried really hard to get their kid to school. If they could get them there, they would.”

The article also links to several other articles on this topic on the ABC Everyday website.

Read the article on ABC website


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