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“Let’s Work Together” resource booklet

“An engaged school community is the best marketing tool any school can have.”

This 20-page booklet is a collaboration between Parents Victoria and the Australian Principals Federation (APF). It was launched by Professor Bill Lucas, Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester and International Adviser, Mitchell Institute with Parents Victoria at the APF Conference dinner in October, 2016.

Strong family-school partnerships are the key

Parents Victoria and the Australian Principals Federation agree – when schools and families work together and support each other, the outcomes for students are much better. This resource explores this theme, and some of the obstacles to good family-school relationships:

  • Dealing with family situations where the student’s parents are separated
  • The hazards of making assumptions – for both parents and school staff
  • The value of good communication in getting parents engaged in their children’s education
  • How the ‘need to be right’ can be an obstacle to building a good family-school relationship
  • Practical tips for teachers and principals – how to establish good relationships with your families
  • How secondary schools can keep parents engaged
  • The critical importance of family-school partnerships for children with disabilities
  • When things go wrong – dealing with concerns and conflicts.

“If you have your parents on board, that’s a huge number of advocates for your school!”

Download Let’s Work Together

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