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John Hendry OAM

The Relationship based Education program for schools was developed by John Hendry OAM. John leads and facilitates the workshops and sessions in schools.


John has been an educator for more than 50 years, in many roles; teacher, School Councillor, many leadership positions and student welfare roles.  He is one of the originators of  Positive Education, a Life member of the Careers Development Association of Australia, a consultant  to Primary and Secondary Schools across all  systems in Australia, Hong Kong, China,  and a consultant to UNESCO on Bullying and school violence.

He consults and works with the Positive  Institute, The Flow Centre, Resilient Youth, Invictus Well-Being and many local councils and professional associations.

John has created a Relationship  Quotient and established Relationship based  Education (RbE), has co-created (with Andrew Fuller)  the Resilient Mindset concept, and has created the Affect Performance Model which explains among many things, Peak Performance. He has presented to education, industry and sport conferences all over the world. John is also a parent and was School Council President at his children’s primary school for 9 years.


John’s specific interest is making schools places of learning where:

  • Parents feel connected and engaged with schools and with their children’s teachers
  • Parents feel able to contribute constructively to their children’s education
  • Children are excited about learning
  • Children are safe
  • Children learn to establish and sustain quality relationships
  • Children develop resilient mindsets
  • Teachers and school leaders receive the support and training they need to build a positive, resilient culture at their school.

See how these goals are achieved. 

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