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Alternative pathways for senior students

While some people see the VCE certificate as the ‘only game in town’ for senior school students, it’s not for everyone and there are alternative pathways to tertiary courses and employment.

These videos from Frankston Mornington Peninsula Local Learning and Employment Network cover the main alternative learning options for senior students, both school-based and in the community, in an entertaining and easy-to-understand style.

Any questions?

This is a resource for parents and young people with the aim of helping them know their options throughout secondary college and to really encourage them to ask questions to their local ‘experts’ i.e. VCAL coordinators, career teachers etc at their school.

Any more questions?

This video aims to show that there are options outside of school – either as a whole program or in conjunction with school. School is the best place for most young people, however on the occasions that it isn’t, it is helpful to be informed and again to know what to ask questions about.

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