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Funding inequity for top schools

A article in yesterday’s Age compares the funding per student for top-performing schools in the recent NAPLAN results.

According to the article:

Analysis by The Age using the top 20 average year 9 NAPLAN results for public and private schools shows the best-performing independent school received an average of $30,109 per student in 2022, compared to an average of $16,480 earned by state schools. State schools are predominantly funded by the state government while independent schools earn income through fees.

The article also quotes our friend Trevor Cobbold from Save Our Schools, who said it was outstanding that public schools with less than half the income of many private schools had achieved comparable or better NAPLAN results.

“It has to be asked just what private schools are doing with their highly privileged income,” he said.

Read the Age article

The article followed another one published last week, titled “The public schools outperforming their private school rivals“, which focused on a group of public primary schools that ranked highly in the NAPLAN results, despite receiving far less funding than private schools.

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