School funding promises: PV media comment

A recent article in the Age covers the election promises both the major parties are making on education, and mentions Parents Victoria. According to the article: “Labor and the Coalition have made election promises totalling $5.3 billion on education but ignored a key request from lobby group Parents Victoria to fully fund Victorian government schools.” […]

School camps under threat

Schools may be forced to either cancel their camps or request extra fees from parents next year, because of unfunded changes to teachers’ conditions. As from next year, teachers who go away on school camps will be entitled to time-in-lieu for the extra time they spend on camp. However there is no extra funding for the time […]

Case study: Parent Association at Wembley Primary School

We’re always glad to hear ‘good news stories’ about the great work being done by Parent Clubs around Victoria. This one was sent to us recently from the Parent Club at Wembley Primary School.  There is strong consensus and research behind the idea that a positive relationship between schools and the parents and broader community, […]

‘On the Couch’ Q&A session – Conference 2022

Our panellists answered questions from Conference participants. Note: sorry, this video skips the first few minutes of the Q&A. Ross Mortimer asked the first question: “A lot of what has been spoken about today reminds me of teachings of Confucius (regarded as one of the first public educators). We talk about relationships, integrity, compassion, wisdom […]

Ocean Grove Primary School – Conference 2022

Ocean Grove Primary School has been working with John Hendry to implement the principles of Relationship based Education at the school. Scott McCumber (Principal) and Andy McNeilly (Mental Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator) tell the school’s story and how RbE worked for their school, and parent Alex Fisher gives his view on RbE. If you don’t […]