Parent/teacher conflicts – PV media comment

The Age reports today that “Dealing with badly behaved parents with ever-increasing demands is what teachers and school leaders dislike most about their jobs.” According to the article, “A new survey has found that for 47 per cent of teachers, dealing with parents is the least satisfying part of their job.” The survey of teachers […]

NEW VCE Vocational Major: your view

Parents of senior secondary students should have received information from their school about the reforms to senior secondary certificates now being implemented in Victorian schools, under the name, “Many Talents One VCE”. What are the reforms? In a nutshell, the new system will bring both academic and vocational education at senior secondary level under one […]

School funding: PV media comment

The Herald-Sun published an article about school funding today, headed “Leading private schools have millions in funds while state schools wait for basic upgrades”. According to the article, “The wealthiest 20 Victorian secondary schools have more than $1 billion between them – splashing out on indoor aquatic centres, wellbeing centres and high-tech classrooms. In comparison, […]

State schools shine in NAPLAN

The Age today published a list of the top 20 most-improved Victorian schools in NAPLAN results – and 16 of them are government schools. According to the article, “Schools with a high proportion of students from first-generation migrant families also dominated the list of high achievers. Between 60 per cent and 90 per cent of […]

ACSSO survey – school costs

We know how hard increasing school costs are hitting families – but our Federal Government needs to know too! Will you help ACSSO – the national parent body – collect data on how much your children’s schooling is costing you, so they can speak on your behalf? The ACSSO online parent survey asks what it […]

“Among lowest funded in the country”

Victorian school students are among the lowest funded in the country, according to an article in today’s Age – and funding for private schools is growing faster than for government schools. According to the article, “A new Productivity Commission report finds federal and state funding per student in Victorian non-government schools grew 31 per cent over […]