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Vaccinations give hope: PV media comment

A recent article in the Age focuses on COVID vaccinations for school-aged children. Titled ‘Our only way out’: Families relieved about vaccinations for children, the article gives responses from parents and other groups.

Parents Victoria executive officer Gail McHardy is quoted in the article. Gail said schools were an important conduit of government health advice, on vaccines and COVID-safety more broadly, for families and communities.

“Schools are the predominant social institution in our societies, so their communication on this is critically important,” she said.

She said schools and parents needed to work together to give hope to students fatigued by the pandemic now that vaccinations were available.

“We need to change the narrative from fear to optimism. If we can amplify optimism we will get through this,” she said.

Read the full article on the Age website 

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