Parents Voice in Government School Education

Why Parent Clubs?

Parent clubs have been contributing to the work of Victorian schools since early last century. Over the years they have provided an organised avenue through which parents have contributed their time, labour and material resources to improve schools. Through their efforts Parent Clubs have increased parents’ influence over what happens in schools.

Support, community, a voice for parents

  • At times parent clubs act as a lens, focusing attention on parent opinion.
  • Parent clubs provide opportunities for parents to become aware of developments affecting schools and by promoting discussion of the issues they provide a means for parents to learn about and take an active part in their children’s schooling.
  • By participating in their school’s Parent Club parents become members of an extended community which stretches beyond the school. Such networks allow parents to support each other and to act in the interests of the parent body as a whole, and most importantly, the students.
  • An active parent club is a reflection of a school which is energetic and vibrant – a school where communication is encouraged, and where ideas are discussed.

Further reading

A 2022 Information Sheet from the Education Department goes into more detail about the value and role of Parent Clubs.