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Committee: Role of the Treasurer

The duties of the Treasurer may vary depending on the size and structure of the club but will usually include:

  • Make sure that the secretary is given a copy of the financial statement prepared for each meeting. This statement and a report by the treasurer will form part of the club’s minutes.
  • All accounts should be presented to the general meeting (ordinary monthly meeting) of the club. The treasurer should ensure that all accounts are paid promptly after authorisation by the meeting. NB. No debts should be incurred by the club without authorisation of a general meeting of the club.

Ongoing duties

  • The treasurer must be aware of and operate within Education Department regulations and guidelines.
  • All payments, even for small amounts, should be made through CASES21. Don’t make payments from cash collected as there is no way to track or identify the payment.  This makes account keeping much simpler for the treasurer; it should make mistakes less likely and if they do occur, easier to identify.
  • Issue receipts for all monies received, including membership subscriptions. A simple receipt book with duplicate pages will do the job.

Post-AGM handover

If a new treasurer is taking over the job, hand over account books, receipt books, etc. Show new treasurer how accounts are operated and how books are kept.  Inform the new treasurer of special dates to be remembered – e.g. when Parents Victoria membership fees are due.

Good record keeping enables a smooth changeover of office bearers. The treasurer should maintain detailed financial records relating to fundraising events (for instance) in such a way as to enable a successor to copy the process or make variations as required.

More information

For more detailed information, see the Finances section.