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Inclusive leadership

In any group, some people will need to take initiatives in getting things going. Good leadership is vital here. Whoever takes the organising initiative must be a ‘democratic leader’. This is a person who understands that the group’s success is of primary importance and that only strong group effort will bring it about. The democratic leader motivates, inspires and co-ordinates the activities of the group to create maximum participation and involvement of every member. They do not make decisions alone without involving the rest of the group, or tell the group what to do.

Role of the inclusive leader

The leader’s job is to hold the group together and keep it functioning as a whole. This means helping others to build up their own skills and confidence so that they can take an equal share of the control, responsibility and satisfaction.

Being a democratic leader does not mean that you shirk responsibility. It does mean you realise that if the group is to be effective everyone has a significant role to play and you make everyone aware of this and help them work out ways they can contribute. As a consequence, everyone else becomes more willing to contribute what they can and in the process develop their own leadership capabilities. It is important that groups are not overly dependent on one person because it makes a group very vulnerable. That person won’t be there for ever; without them, the group will struggle to survive.