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Student drop-out rate: PV media comment

“Victorian government schools have recorded their highest dropout rate in a decade, reflecting a ‘concerning trend’,” according to a report in today’s Herald-Sun.

The article continues:

One quarter of Victorian year 10 government school students did not go on to finish year 12 in 2023 – the highest dropout rate in a decade, new data shows…

The 75 per cent retention rate for senior state school students contrasts with 95 per cent of year 10 students at independent schools who complete year 12 and 85 per cent at Catholic schools.

Parents Victoria CEO Gail McHardy is quoted in the article:

Parents Victoria chief executive Gail McHardy said she “responded with a word of caution” on how the recent data released was interpreted.

“Let’s all be reminded that the government school sector supports and educates the largest proportion of vulnerable students,” Ms McHardy said.

Education expert Pasi Sahlberg made a similar comment:

University of Melbourne professor of educational leadership Pasi Sahlberg said one factor was that state schools had more special-needs and disadvantaged students.

“It’s clear that for those students it’s harder for them to complete secondary school compared to other students,” Professor Sahlberg said.

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